• Are you operating as usual, or is there any change to your schedule t?

Our office is open. You can contact us with questions and requests any time. Tours can be run, but only such that all regulation from the Minister of Health are followed with regard to restrictions in gathering.

  • What are you doing to ensure cleanliness during your tours?

We are following all safety measures and regulations by the Local Health Authorities. Mask is obligatory in the minibus. The farms and restaurants we visit are using special sanitizers to clean tables, chairs and menus. Disinfectant gel or spray is present for the guests at the farms and restaurants as well as carried by our guide.

  • Have you adapted your tours and product to reflect social distancing?

We keep social distancing between the guide and the clients and between unrelated groups.

  • Have you made arrangements to be able to welcome guests that wish to keep 2m distance?

We can arrange 2 m distance at restaurants and farms.

  • We are predicting that less people will want to handle cash, are we able to provide a contactless payment service? Will you change the way clients are able to tip guides?

Restaurants and shops offer contactless payment services. We do not have alternative ways to tip guides if people do not want to handle cash.

Straws in the evening sun.