Hlemmur Square – for food lovers in Reykjavík!

September 13, 2017 SiggaAnna

Hlemmur Square - for food lovers in Reykjavík!

Yes! Iceland’s first food hall has recently opened at Hlemmur square. Hlemmur Mathöll caters to every pallet, with diverse vendors selling everything from organic sourdough bread to authentic Mexican tacos! Hlemmur was formally one of Reykjavík’s two main bus terminals, connecting the downtown area with the suburbs. We couldn't be more happy with the transition of the place that once represented mundane life: waiting for the bus, grabbing a hot dog and hurrying home. The renovated square finally opened its doors to the hungry public on Reykjavík Culture Night last August and is already a great success. The place is full of life throughout the day and evening, with locals and tourists enjoying a mix of the finest cuisine of Reykjavik in a laid-back setting.

The latest addition, Skál (which translates to both Cheers! and bowl) opened earlier this month. The restaurant is exceptionally interesting to food lovers, as the famous chef Gísli Matthías Auðunsson uses traditional Icelandic ingredients to prepare the most unexpected dishes.

We spoke to Fanney Dóra Sigurjónsdóttir, one of Skál’s chefs, on the first weeks at Hlemmur: “It has been great fun! Hlemmur is open and welcoming, many come in for a drink and spot something they just have to try! The atmosphere is casual and we already have some regular clients. Last week, some tourists even came every single night of their stay in Reykjavík because they kept seeing more dishes they wanted to try.”

Fanney Dóra recommends the scallops with pickled rhubarb jam and angelica mayo for a fresh take on traditional Icelandic food. The Skál! cocktails made with locally foraged herbs & spices have also been received very well. Her tip for a desert? Try out the blueberry ice cream at Ísleifur Heppni, another Hlemmur square vendor. “The owner handpicked the berries last weekend. It tastes ridiculously well and I think there is little left...”

We would like to congratulate Fanney Dóra and the rest of the staff at Skál! as well as all of the team at Hlemmur Mathöll for their opening! We are looking forward to tasting more of what your vendors have to offer and we advise our readers to check it out.

Hlemmur Square Food hall
Hlemmur Food Hall a culinary destination in Reykjavik