Shifting Into Autumn

August 30, 2017 SiggaAnna


Our first summer of food and farm tours is coming to a close and we want to thank all of our guests for the wonderful times we´ve had together exploring Iceland and Icelandic food!
Now fall approaches us, the nights grow darker and longer and soon the leaves will take on the most amazing colors. Although the season marks getting into one´s regular routine of work and school after the summer vacation, there are many exciting fall-related activities we Icelanders look forward to.
For instance going to “Réttir”, a sheep-round up where farmers and their families help gather sheep that have been left to roam free in the inland during the summertime.

Collecting all the sheep from the mountains is quite an effort, considering that there are more sheep than people in Iceland (500 thousand vs 335 thousand). The herding is mostly done by foot or on horseback and takes at least 2 - 3 days. It is, however, very much a social event, where relatives and friends come from the city to help out. After the sheep have been rounded up and allotted to the farmers the celebration begins. “Réttarball”, the “roundup party” is truly a night to remember, characterized by traditional Icelandic songs, dance and drinks.

Sheep-round up in Iceland
Réttir í Hruna