West Iceland Is The Best Iceland

January 23, 2017 SiggaAnna
Surprise hot spring - West Iceland
Free range chicken - West Iceland
Fossa in Hvalfjordur - West Iceland


West Iceland is in good company on an exciting list of top 17 destinations to visit in 2017 recently published by CNN Travel. The travel reporters for CNN are real globetrotters, who have practically been to every corner of the world. The Top 17 list includes a great variety of destinations; cities, islands, beaches, national monuments and cultural events. These places offer a wide range of experiences, but reading through the list we can sense the reporters appreciation of delicious local food, fondness of animals and wanting to get off the beaten track.


It comes as no surprise to us to find West Iceland on this list of the 17 most exciting places to go to in 2017. While tourism in Iceland has increased enormously in the last few years, most tourists choose


to spend some time in Reykjavik and visit popular spots in the South-West of Iceland or along the South coast.Other parts of Iceland have perhaps been less accessible until recently and are opening up more slowly.


By putting West Iceland on this list CNN Travel follows in the footsteps of Lonely Planet Guide Books, who placed West Iceland number two on their list of Top 10 regions of the world to visit in 2016. What makes West Iceland an interesting tourist destination, according to Lonely Planet, is the relative ease with which it can be reached, thanks to its proximity to Reykjavík, and the fact that the region captures “all the best of Iceland’s off-the-charts wildlife and nature”.


Giljafoss - West Iceland
Hvita - Hraunfossar
Foss - Hvalfjordur - West Iceland