Food and Fun festival starts today in Reykjavik

March 2, 2017 SiggaAnna
Food and fun 2017 - 3
Sommelier and a happy guest at Food and fun in Reykjavik
Dill restaurant guest chef at Food and fun in Reykjavik


This weekend Reykjavik will be full of very happy foodies enjoying the 16th Food and fun festival. The festival has been an annual event since 2002. Every year more and more master chefs and food lovers meet in Reykjavík for a culinary celebration and cooking competition. 16 top restaurants in Reykjavik invite guest chefs from USA and Europe to take over their kitchen for a few days. They will in turn use their skills and imagination to create gourmet menus with Icelandic material. The visiting chefs bring their style and traditions to the high quality Icelandic food produce and the outcome is bound to be exciting.


Reykjavik has many outstanding restaurants where Icelandic chefs practice their art every day. The Food and fun festival brings fresh energy to the kitchen. Judging from the photos the chefs have great fun experimenting with the food and sharing the outcome.

From the start the Food and fun festival has been a success on all levels. The visiting chefs get well acquinted with the Icelandic food produce as they are required to use only Icelandic material for the centrepieces of their dishes. They bring their own approach to the Icelandic ingredients, which often is very inspiring to their Icelandic colleagues. An international team of celebrity judges rates all the food and three chefs are chosen as finalists to compete for the title of Food and Fun Chef of the Year. The prestige of winning the Food and Fun title has put some upcoming master chefs in the limelight, thus paving the way to further success.


Many a food enthusiast will go through the weekend in a culinary bliss. After all, what can be nicer on a dark winters night than spending an evening in good company over an exciting meal? Food and Fun is a true adventure for the taste buds!

White kitchen at Food and Fun Reykjavík